$afeID Liquidity Provider Rewards Program

Getting Started


How can you leverage your cryptocurrency to earn extra income?

Welcome to the world of $afeID. Our goal is to make the space of cryptocurrencies and blockchains safer and more profitable for the investors. If you want to get extra rewards, you’re in the right place. All you have to do is help increase the liquidity of $afeID token.

In this step-by-step description, we will explain to you how you can participate in the program and what you need to do to earn a passive income.


  • As a liquidity provider, you contribute to increasing the liquidity of $afeID.This can make the token more attractive to the investors, leading to an increase in purchase volume and a rise in price, which will result in your tokens being given more value.
  • As a liquidity provider, you receive a portion of the conversion fees from the Liquidity Pool of PancakeSwap.
  • As a participant in the Rewards Program, you will be rewarded based on a percentage of your total LP stake.

Add liquidity

Above all, it is good to be aware of the operation of liquidity pools and their potential risks. You also take risks by adding liquidity, but you can also increase your profits.

If you want to better understand how LPs work, you can find many descriptions and videos on the Internet. We suggest you get started with this video.

To add liquidity, you need a wallet (we recommend Metamask) and you must have the necessary tokens WBNB and $ID. You can also use BNB instead of WBNB, which is automatically accepted by PancakeSwap. You can find the $ID/WBNB Liquidity Pool at this link:

or it is also easily accessible by selecting "Add liquidity" in the menu above.

Once you have obtained the required cryptocurrencies, enter how many BNBs or $IDs you want to add to the pool on PancakeSwap. All you have to do is enter one currency of the pair, PancakeSwap will automatically calculate the amount you need from the other.

When you are done, press the "Supply" button and confirm the transaction. If all went well, you should see the following picture.

Now you can add the LP token to your wallet with one click to see the amount of LP tokens you have received.

Stake the LP tokens

Now that you have the LP token in your wallet, the next step is to visit the $afeID farming site at https://farm.safeid.info. Here you can deposit your LP tokens, which will not only earn you the PancakeSwap exchange fee, but also give you ongoing $afeID rewards.

From the main page, you can either use the "GET STARTED" button or select the "STAKE LP TOKENS" from the menu above to go to the farming pool. To stake, here you must first unlock your wallet and approve the smart contract. To do this, first press the Unlock wallet button and then to manage the LP tokens in your wallet the Approve Contract button. The contract approval initiates a minimum cost transaction on the blockchain, you must confirm it in order to proceed.

It is important to note that for the transaction to be successful, you must have sufficient BNB coins in your wallet to pay the transaction fee.

Once you're done, all you have to do is deposit the LP tokens. When you press the Deposit button, a pop-up window will inform you of the amount of LP tokens in your wallet that you can use. Once you have entered the desired amount, press the deposit button here too and confirm the transaction.

Harvesting income

Our staked LP tokens generate a steady $afeID income for you. The extent of this depends on the amount of LP tokens deposited. Thus, the rate of APR is also constantly changing. You can withdraw your earned income at any time. All you have to do is press the "HARVEST" button and confirm the transaction. It is important that the farming page is related to the wallet from which you placed the staked tokens.

Withdraw your LP tokens

Of course, you can also decide at any time that you no longer want to take advantage of your liquidity tokens and take them out of the farming pool. You must use the Withdraw button to do this. Once you have approved the transaction on the blockchain, the deposited LP tokens will be returned to your wallet.

This documentation is provided by the Project $afeID.
We reserve the right to make mistakes, we accept no liability for any errors in the description.