$afeID LP Farming

Liquidity Provider Rewards Program

Become a $afeID Liquidity Provider on PancakeSwap and get extra rewards! Very high Annual Percentage Rate depending on the exchange rate and the size of the stake pool, will be distributed to liquidity providers who add to the $ID/WBNB Pair on PancakeSwap, and then stake those LP tokens here. Participants in the Rewards Program gain rewards based on their percentage share of the overall stake pool, with all of the rewards supply split between the participants.

Schedule & Incentives

  • Program starts: December 15th, 2021
  • Duration: min. 1 Year
  • Liquidity Pool: $ID/WBNB
  • DEX: PancakeSwap
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Click on the button below to start staking!


How does it work?


Go to PancakeSwap and provide liquidity on the $ID/WBNB pair.


Stake your LP tokens of $ID/WBNB on this webpage.


Earn rewards based on your percentage share of the overall liquidity pool.


Once the Rewards Program is complete or you choose to remove your stake, you may unstake your LP tokens and claim your rewards.


Participation in the $afeID Liquidity Provider Rewards Program is at your own risk. The application is currently in Beta version, so the operator does not provide any guarantee for possible losses.

By using the program, participants clearly acknowledge and declare that the service provider cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur.

It is the participant's own responsibility to be properly informed and assured of the risks of participating before joining the program.